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Great Escape: A Thrilling Monthly Book Box

Great Escape: A Thrilling Monthly Book Box

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Everyone deserves some peace & quiet

Everone is different, but we have the right book for any reader. Choose this monthly option and we'll include our best thriller this season.

Are you a book Dragon? You can even add an extra book for two thrilling reads each month.

Order by the 18th to be included in the current month!

Your Great Escape Monthly Thriller Box delivers one fantastic thrilling book (or two!), tea and snacks - everything you need to make the most of your downtime.

Ships monthly! Subscribe now!

You or your loved one won't be able to stop turning these pages.

Each item comes beautifully wrapped and is delightfully stocked with a thoughtfully chosen thriller, alongside gorgeous goodies tea & treats. You will also receive a custom bookmark and sticker.

Want to pick your genres?  We've got you covered there too. Check out more subscriptions here!

What's in the Great Escape Thriller box?
Filled with 100% organic teas, delicious treats, and a fantastic book or two, we keep it simple: order now and you'll get your reading, snacks and loose leaf tea delivered without any hassle.

Feed your mind, body & soul

The Book(s)
One or two hand picked, fantastic reads sure to please any book lover. This is a surprise box, so you could receive crime, thriller, literary classic, sci-fi, fantasy or romance.

As a former bookseller, our curator has a great track record for picking the perfect book for each person.

The Tea
Genuinely organic and sure to taste beautiful to any organic, loose tea lover. 

The Treats
Genuinely yum and sure to indulge your snacking desires.

Did someone say discount?
Our multi-box subscriptions are discounted to show our loyal supporters our appreciation!

Order now, sit back and get ready to relax!

We've set a flat rate of $25 per box for Canada

More Questions? Check out the FAQs.

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