The Time for Reads Box - The Not Busy Company - #product_description#
The Time for Reads Box - The Not Busy Company - #product_description#
The Time for Reads Box - The Not Busy Company - #product_description#
The Time for Reads Box - The Not Busy Company - #product_description#
The Time for Reads Box - The Not Busy Company - #product_description#

The Time for Reads Box

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Get your favourite genre of books delivered straight to your door

Looking for your next great read? Time for Reads delivers everything you need to make the most of your reading time.

Whether a gift for an avid reader or to simply satisfy the bookworm in yourself, our book subscription boxes promise to excite.

Enjoy! Your Time for Reads bi-monthly boxes are filled with genre-specific reads (or keep it a surprise!), organic teas, and delicious snacks!

One box every two months works out to less than $50 per month including shipping in Canada! "Less shipping means more reads, teas & snacks!"

NEED IT SOONER? We know that waiting can be hard, so if you love surprises and all kinds of fiction, then we've got you covered. We typically have great reads on hand and can ship a single box more quickly!

What's in the box?
Filled with 100% organic teas, delicious treats and at least two books for fantastic reads in the genres of your choice, Time for Reads keeps it simple: choose your term and genres, and you'll get your reading, snacks and loose leaf tea delivered to your door without any hassle every two months.

The Books
At least two fantastic reads in the genres of your choice sure to please any book lover. Choose your Genre or Surprise me! on crime, thrillers, literary classics, sci-fi, fantasy, and even romance.
Note: the number of books you'll receive depends on publication type - softcover and hardcover new releases tend to be more expensive than new mass market paperbacks but since there are so many amazing authors published in all formats we'll ensure you receive only the best mix!

The Tea
Genuinely organic and sure to taste beautiful to any organic, loose tea lover.  Carefully selected, each box contains enough tea for two months.

The Treat
Genuinely yum and sure to indulge your snacking desires.

Love your reading?
If your goal is swapping your electronic devices for an old school book on a more frequent basis, then signing up for our Time for Reads box can take you one step closer to achieving your goal!

Subscribe now, sit back and get ready to relax!

With FREE SHIPPING in Canada (extra for the US.), boxes will ship mid-month, every two months:

January  July
March September
May November

More Questions? Check out the FAQs.

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