What is the Downtime box?

The Downtime box is a premium, seasonal organic tea and book subscription box. Four times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) we personally curate a themed collection of items to inspire to slow things a bit and really enjoy more not busy times in your life.

What if I already read the book(s) in the Time for Reads or Downtime box?

We strive to include only newly released books in the genres of your choice, but if by some chance it's one you already picked up, you can gift your copy to a friend while still enjoying the other items in your box.

Can I see the previous boxes?

Yes! You can see some of the previous monthly Downtime boxes here!

What is the Time for Reads Box?

The Time for Reads Box is a bi-monthly subscription service. Every two months we personally curate a box filled with reads, organic teas and treats devoted to helping you make the most of your precious reading time.

What is the Time for Tea Box?

The Time for Tea Box is a monthly subscription service. Each month we personally curate 3-4 blends of amazing, organic loose leaf teas to inspire you slow things down a bit each day. 

How long do I have to subscribe for?

Our subscription boxes are completely flexible!

Downtime Boxes are shipped four times per year. You can purchase our Downtime subscription as a gift, as a one time box, as a 2 season subscription (2 boxes), or as a 3 season subscription (3 boxes) or a full year (4 boxes). Our multi-season subscriptions are discounted to show our loyal supporters our appreciation!

Tea Boxes are shipped bi-monthly in January, March, May, July, September and November each year.  You can purchase our Reads subscription as a gift, as a one time box, as a  6 month subscription (3 boxes), or as a 12 month subscription (6 boxes).

Tea Boxes are shipped monthly. You can purchase our Tea subscription as a gift, as a one time box, as a 3 month subscription (3 boxes), or as a 6 month subscription (6 boxes). Our multi-month subscriptions are discounted to show our loyal supporters our appreciation!

When and how are the boxes shipped?

Shipping is free within Canada for the Downtime and Tea Boxes. We ship via Canada Post on or around:

  • 7-10th of each month for Time for Tea Boxes
  • Mid-Month every two months for Time for Reads Boxes
  • Seasonally in March, June, September, December for the Downtime Box

Depending on the shipping option you choose, you should receive your subscription box in a week or so. If there is a significant change to this date for a particular month we will notify you via email.

When and how is my tea (or other goods) shipped?

If you select purchasing tea or other single goods (not a subscription box), it will be sent out via Canada Post within 2 business days.

Cut off dates for monthly boxes and other subscriptions:

In order to receive the current subscription you must subscribe by noon the day prior to shipping (noted on each box page).

What if I subscribed, but I want to skip a month?

If you are subscribed for a multi-month membership and want to skip a month because you are going on holidays (or any other reason!), use the "Contact Us" page on our website and we will be more than happy to arrange for you to skip the month!

What is your refund policy?

Any shipped items are not eligible for a refund or return as they contain consumable goods (tea, books, etc.). We take time to carefully curate both boxes to ensure the best customer experience. If you are not happy at anytime or one of your products was broken or damaged in shipping please let us know.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes! We do ship to the United States for an additional charge.